– Arrival time is 3:30 pm and departure time is 10:30 am. In case of need it can be agreed the modification of departure and arrival times. For a supplement of 100 € Chek out late.
– Smoking is not allowed inside the house, smoke in the outside areas and use the ashtrays. There are smoke alarms inside the house.
– No parties or disturbing the rest of the neighbors, no noise from 11 pm to 8 am.
– At the time of check out you must leave the dining room and kitchen as clean as you found them. The kitchen utensils that have been used such as pans, cutlery, etc. must be clean, dry and collected in their place.
– Throw the garbage from the bathroom and kitchen into the containers before handing over the keys when you leave the house.
– Leave the access door to the parking lot closed to avoid possible thefts, there is a support to leave the padlock on the inside of the door and a pin to close the door without the padlock.
– Place your used towels in the laundry basket in the bathroom.
– Respect the objects in the house, books are there to be read and decorative objects to make your stay happier, but if you use something afterwards please leave it where you found it.

– There is an inventory of all items in Cal Ramon by room, if there is any accidental breakage please let us know before reviewing our inventory and proceed to deduct from the deposit the value of the same.
– The fireplace can be lit in winter, although we recommend using central heating or air conditioning with heat pump.
– The loss of the keys will be charged 100€.
– It is not allowed the entrance to people outside the reservation. If this happens you must notify us before. The maximum capacity of the house is 15 people.
– The barbecue must be used with charcoal, wood burns very quickly and is not useful for cooking.
– It is not allowed to leave children unattended in the pool, there is a risk of accidental fall or drowning.
– Pets are welcome, we only ask that you clean up after them and take responsibility in case of damage. There are hoses with pressurized water in the courtyard and brooms with dustpans.
– The rules regarding noisy parties are very strict in the city of Rubi, the tenant will be responsible for any possible complaints for that reason.

– The house has solar panels because for us it is very important to collaborate in improving energy efficiency.
– Recycle your garbage, in the community you will find several containers, glass, plastic, cardboard and organic waste. Caring for the planet is everyone’s business.
– Make a responsible use of electricity, use the air conditioning only when necessary, remember to turn off the lights when you leave the house.
– There are outdoor lights that turn on and off by sunlight to help you when you arrive at night, do not modify their programming, the switches are marked with a “DO NOT TOUCH”.
– The circuit breakers and differential of the lights are in the upstairs room next to the solar panels, in case of overload they must be reset and moderate the light consumption. They are marked, do not touch the others that correspond to the control of the solar panels.
– Ventilate and open all the windows of the house for at least 10 minutes a day.
– The tv’s are Smart if you have a subscription to Netflix or similar you can use it. There are supports to keep the tv and air controls.
– The house alarms are set and removed via telephone, do not touch the controls unless you need to ask for urgent help via S.O.S. They will communicate with the police and will come to your aid.
– The house has a first aid kit.